Sunday, 20 July 2008

A Statement Confirming the Closure of Gamzsone V3

Sunday July 20th 2008 - 14:10

Well people, you have been led here and not to the E3 blog, not to the main site but its here where our grand farewell takes place. Its with a tint of sadness that I announce that 3 years, Gamzsone has come to a finish.

We've had our up's, downs and all throughout but at long last, it's time to make clear and new break with GOONL!NE.

From Monday July 21st 2008, GOONL!NE will be the new site which takes over what Gamzsone has done over the past 3 years but with a new better look, better coverage and most of all, a better take on gaming

Our YouTube channel will be updated daily with regular updates as well as bring you up to date with extensive news in the gaming industry as well as big announcements in them.

We still have alot more gaming coverage to cover with the Games Convention in Leipzig in August with regular news updates on the convention daily + if Sony is doing a press conference like it did last year (+ it's rumored they will anyways for some pretty big announcements), we will be liveblogging the action as it happens.

And as well as Leipzig, we will have the Tokyo Games Show in September. Yes, there is no keynote speaker in place yet but whoever it is from the console world (That is...if that person is from the console world), we'll be liveblogging that keynote as well as giving extensive news whatever is happening at TGS this year.

We hope you'll be joining us tomorrow for the opening of our brand new era.

For anybody who has been following Gamzsone for the past couple of year's, thank you and we hope you'll join us tomorrow. And for anybody who is new, welcome and we hope you'll still come back as a regular to GOONL!NE.

Thanks very much guys...but as of right

Jonathan Cullen
Managing Editor,
Gamzsone, Gamzsone V2, Gamzsone V3: GOONL!NE and GOONL!NE

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